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FM racing began its activity in 1997 from a simple spare parts business for motorcycles in a Scandicci garage, thanks to the passion of its founder, Marco Fanti, for Motocross. FM racing has the mission to create products for off-roading by offering the market an alternative not only qualitative but also of design. In the first headquarters of Villanuova in Empoli the Fm racing expands the project, starting to propose to the motorcycle market in addition to spare parts, also a line of decals with custom FM graphics. thus began the production of graphic kits with an attractive design for motorcycles, specializing in top-quality products both for protection and for the design of the main motocross and enduro bikes.

In 1999 FM racing presented its first clothing thus increasing an already wide range of products dedicated to off-road. The company also began to present itself to the market with the first sponsorships in the motocross circus, sponsoring national and international pilots and teams. FM racing supports those who have the passion for clawed tires, whether they attack the track, or those who walk the paths in the woods, being able to offer support to those who have this passion with its products, designed to improve performance, comfort and style. Always with pilots, from the most attentive professional to the simplest amateur.

Marco Fanti 2001
Marco Fanti 2016

In 2015 the project to export the FM brand was born, so in the USA FM Racing USA was born, a new adventure began in a new but difficult market like the US one. The project leads to the sponsorship of some pilots in the American Supercross championship and the first contacts with the realities of the US market. The project is then stopped in 2017 due to logistical problems that did not allow an incisive and determined planning but that even if in stendby it is always ready to restart.

Today FM can be considered a company always in step with the times for innovation and quality, using the technologically advanced and cutting-edge materials for its product collections. Market-leading technologies and customer feedback are combined in the design process, allowing FM to develop new lines and features season after season. Dedicated research and development departments and rigorous tests ensure that each product has the best performance to make it smarter than any other competing product on the market. FM is constantly looking for cutting-edge technology and design innovation to offer its customers the best in terms of clothing and accessories.

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